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Today's Verse

New Year, New Start?

Sensing a need?  It may be a still, small voice in the back of our minds.  Or, a big event that causes us to sense the need for significant change.

An extreme makeover just won't do when a new creation is needed. 

The gospel has been bringing real "hope and change" long before a it became a campaign slogan.

Can a new start be possible? 

Read more at Good News for a Change.


A Good Goal for a New Year

No Book is Like This Book.  Credibility, reliability, authority.

"An intelligent person seeking truth would certainly read and consider a book that has the historical qualifications of the Bible.  Unique qualifications that set the Scriptures apart from every other book ever written."  (Josh McDowell in "Evidence that Demands a Verdict).

Just fifteen minutes a day will get it done!

Here is a guide you can use to read through the Bible this year!

Church Profile: 

Alameda Chapel is a congregation of believers seeking to glorify Christ by loving one another and proclaiming His gospel to all who will give us a hearing.  Thus, we are an evangelical church in Alameda. 

We are an assembly of believers, gathered in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We strive to practice New Testament principles.  Thus, we may be considered a Plymouth Brethren Assembly in Alameda.

We believe the Bible is the word of God and thus, regarding doctrine, we are a Bible church in Alameda, and a Fundamental church in Alameda.

We are Premillenial and Dispensational in our view of eschatology.  Thus, we are a Dispensational Church in Alameda.

We gladly fellowship with all true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thus, we are a nondenominational church in Alameda.



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